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Planning in our lives

Planning in our lives that sometimes what we expect or what we intend for it to happen may not happen as we are just a girl, it is possible because. Everything in this world is inherently uncertain and inherently uncertain and the result of our lives is that we expect too much or plan our lives badly. But when we That can't make it to the path that we walk expecting it, sometimes some people may be so disappointed with their thoughts just because they didn't live happily ever after. In the first place, everything that is with the body is seen as cruel and always abusive to oneself, when one has a goal to live that life. It's not uncommon at all, but living a happy life is one thing that every human being should have many people doing so that we don't have to think about it. Review with the past story that we do not waste things that are happy because of the symptoms of time that has passed, it cannot be returned to what makes us happy in our lives. There are only a few minutes in our lives, there are things that we are able to do differently as well, because what is based on the mind and the mind is the duty that we will need. Responsibility but the truth is that it is like something that forces us to move forward because every path we take has a destination. When we suffer, all we have to do is work anyway so To survive in our daily lives we have to fight until we fight and fight against everything so that we can become stronger.