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New Airdrop: EzyStayz

🕵🏻‍♂️ New Airdrop: EzyStayz

💲 Total reward: Up to $12 worth of EZY + $1.5 worth of EZY per referral
▪️ Extra Reward: $10.000 worth of EZY tokens to one person by lottery

📹 YouTube Video about how to participate in the Bintex Futures Airdrop

🔴 Start the EzyStayz Airdrop Bot

🔘 Register on the EzyStayz website $3 worth of EZY)
🔘 Join their Telegram group and channel (Mandatory: $3 worth of EZY)
🔘 Invite at least one person to the EzyStayz Gaming platform by using this link Changeable amount of credits)
🔘 Follow their Twitter and retweet the pinned post. (Optional: $1.5 worth of EZY)
🔘 Do the other optional tasks on the bot. (Up to $4.5 worth of EZY)
🔘 Submit your details to the airdrop bot by using the same e-mail address that you have used when registering an account.

👮🏻‍♂️ Rules & Instructions for the EzyStayz Airdrop  👮🏻‍♂️

♦️ Airdrop participants should continue following the airdrop tasks, which they have participated in until the token distribution is completed.

♦️ The total reward for this airdrop will be fixed to $12 worth of EZY regardless of the token price changes on exchanges.

♦️ The referral program is unlimited. Please note that the balance shown by the bot is preliminary and might change after further checks upon the completion of the airdrop period.

♦️ Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your EzyStayz account at the end of October 2020.

♦️ Please note that every single entry will be carefully checked. In case of the detection of any cheating attempt, you will be immediately disqualified and be banned from participating in future campaigns.

♦️ Each valid referral will be $1.5 worth of EZY. In order to be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform at least the mandatory tasks and submit their data to the bot.

♦️ You will get the following bonuses for the referred users from website:

User signs up : 100 credits (referred user will also get 50 bonus credits)
User loses a game: 10% of net loss in credits.
User wins a game: 10% of net win in credits.
User purchases a raffle ticket: 1% of ticket price in credits.
User completes a deposit: 10% of deposit amount in credits.

♦️ If you need additional support you can contact the admins on EzyStayz Telegram group (

🏦 Token Price: 1 EZY = 0.005 USD

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