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New Airdrop: Tozex

🕵🏻‍♂️ New Airdrop: Tozex (2nd Round)

💲 Total reward: Up to 10.5 TOZ [$10.5] + 1.25 TOZ [$1.25] per referral

📹 YouTube Video about how to participate in the Tozex Airdrop

🔴 Start the Airdrop Bot

🔘 Register on their website ( (Mandatory: 3 TOZ)
🔘 Join their Telegram group ( and channel ( (Mandatory: 1.5 TOZ)
🔘 Follow their Twitter ( and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory: 1.5 TOZ)
🔘 Follow their Facebook ( (Optional: 1 TOZ)
🔘 Follow their LinkedIn ( and like this article ( (Optional: 1 TOZ)
🔘 Subscribe to their YouTube (, watch and share 2 of their videos on your social media. (Optional: 1.5 TOZ)
🔘 Do the other optional tasks on the bot. (Up to 1 TOZ)
🔘 Submit your details to the airdrop bot.

📝 RULES for the Tozex Airdrop Round 2:

🔵 KYC is not required to receive the reward tokens.
🔵 The airdrop is limited to 6000 participants. The participants of the Tozex Round 1 airdrop can also participate in the 2nd round.
🔵 The people you refer to should participate in all mandatory tasks to be counted as a valid referral.
🔵 The referral program does not have a limit.
🔵 Multiple or fake accounts are not allowed, and they will be eliminated.
🔵 Spamming in the Telegram group is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
🔵 If you would like to change the data you have entered, please type /start the bot and enter your updated data.
🔵 The signing up reward of 3 TOZ is only available for new users. The airdrop tokens will be distributed to your ETH wallet, which you set up on your Tozex account. 3 TOZ reward for signing up on the Tozex website will be immediately reflected on your account. The remaining rewards will be credited to your account at the end of the campaign.
🔵 You should continue to keep following the tasks you have participated in until the distribution of  TOZ tokens is completed.

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