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New Airdrop: clipX

🕵🏻‍♂️ New Airdrop: clipX (2nd Round)

💲 Total reward: 90 CXC [~$15.75] + 20 CXC [~$3.5] per referral

📹 YouTube Video about how to participate in the clipX  Airdrop

🔴 Start the Airdrop Bot

🔗How to join the airdrop? click link

 Please follow these easy mandatory steps to receive 90 CXC tokens.

  1️⃣ Join our Telegram group
  2️⃣ Like and Follow us on Facebook
  3️⃣ Like, Retweet and Follow us on Twitter
  4️⃣ Like and subscribe to us on Youtube

  OPTIONAL TASKS | Be part of the clipX Family

  ➡️ Subscribe to our newsletter
  ➡️ Subscribe to our newsletter
  ➡️ Read and reply to our thread on Bitcointalk;u=2562325
  ➡️ Like and Follow us on LinkedIn
  ➡️ Like and Follow us on Instagram
  ➡️ Clap our posts and Follow us on Medium

General Rules for this Airdrop are as followed:

📍 To be eligible for the Airdrop you need to stay a member of the clipX Telegram channel and keep following the Facebook and Twitter account.

📍 We will check every referral, people who get caught cheating get disqualified for this and future campaigns. (Using bots or referring bots counts as cheating as well)

📍 All of your earned CXC token will get credited within 30 days after our ICO concludes.

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