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New Airdrop: MCI Platform

🕵🏻‍♂️ New Airdrop: MCI Platform

💲 Total reward: Up to 560 MCI [$7] + 70 [~$0.9] MCI per referral

📹 YouTube Video about how to participate in the MCI Platform Airdrop

🔴 Start the Airdrop Bot
🔘 Register on their website (Mandatory: 120 MCI)
🔘 Join their Telegram group and channel (Mandatory: 120 MCI)
🔘 Follow their Facebook (Mandatory: 70 MCI)
🔘 Follow their Medium 70 MCI)
🔘 Follow their Instagram ( (Optional: 70 MCI)
🔘 Subscribe to their YouTube, like and share one of their videos. (Optional: 70 MCI)
🔘 Do the optional tasks on the bot. (Optional: 40 MCI)
🔘 Submit your details to the airdrop bot.

📝 RULES for the MCI Platform Airdrop:

🔵 KYC is not required in order to receive the reward tokens.
🔵 The people you refer to should participate in all mandatory tasks to be counted as a valid referral.
🔵 The referral program does not have a limit.
🔵 Multiple or fake accounts are not allowed and they will be eliminated.
🔵 Spamming in the Telegram group is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
🔵 If you would like to change the data you have entered, please type /start the bot and enter your updated data.
🔵 The airdrop tokens will be distributed to your ETH wallet after 60 days when the MCI is listed on exchanges.
🔵 You should continue to follow the tasks you have participated in until the distribution of MCI tokens is completed

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