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cutting edge technology

From the past to the present, our world has changed a lot. Of course, we have more advanced and modern technology that makes our lives look simple, with many amenities. Humans have invented people and created them, but actually these things may not be good or good for all human beings. care And cherish it very well so that the child will grow up to be a good child and have good quality in the future, but because there are many convenient tools that allow us to not be attached to raising our children. A lot of times we see parents of children who have picked up a mobile phone for their children since childhood, making these children have to play with the phone or a more modern tool that sometimes. That makes these children have problems with thinking or even intellectual and eye problems, it is one of them that overlooking these minor problems tend to result in the person or people he loves in the future. Of course, that we are raising our children, the more technology is not wrong, but we should be able to control or supervise. It's better to stay in the right place than to let them learn what's wrong.